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Default Query: Krispy Kreme bread pudding recipe

On Sat, 26 Mar 2011 12:01:26 -0400, "jmcquown"

"J" wrote in message
Several online version of this recipe--including Deen's at the Food
Network--call for two 4.5-ounce cans of fruit cocktail, and of course
there's no such thing. Anybody know what the correct amount is?

What do you mean there's no such thing as canned fruit cocktail? Have you
*looked*?! It's a blend of fruits cut pieces of fruit.

Seems Jay was asking about the amount; 4.5 oz cans? I've never bought
any canned fruits/veggies in those tiny cans but I'd think they're 8
ounces. I'm no math major but two 4.5 ounce tins equal 9 ounces...
seems to me one of the next size up tins would do the trick... I have
a 15 ounce tin of Walmart fruit cocktail with extra cherries... if a
wee bit too much be generous, or cook's treat.