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Dee Randall
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Default Yeast for breadmaker

Sounds like you live in England?
Do they have "instant yeast" as well in the larger packs?
In the US, we have instant yeast in the large packets. I use nothing else
but "instant" yeast in the bread machine, although I use the other "active
dry" in other baking.

One thing about instant yeast is that it doesn't need proofed (put in water)
first; although I don't think your bread machine would call for it to be
proofed. But it 'activates' more quickly. And as it is a finer grain, I
think the measurement may be just a little difference in weight, but who
knows without measuring it.

I use about 1-1/2 teaspoons of instant yeast in my bread machine in all
recipes that call for around 4 cups of flour, and whether or not I add
flakes; oatmeal, barley, or rye.

I always add wet ingredients first, then on the top of my dry ingredients, I
add my yeast. No matter what machine I've used, I don't think I've got more
than .5% failure.

Try these two things first, and I'll bet you're in business.


"June Hughes" wrote in message
In message , Steph Peters

Go on the hunt for big packs of Fermipan yeast. Eighth Day in

Manchester, a
local wholefood shop, sells them, 500g for about 2. Bought a pack in
March, gave half to a friend, and I'm still using the other half from the
freezer. Initially I used 1/2 tsp for 400g of white flour, 1 tsp for
granary or wholemeal; as the yeast is now rather elderly I've upped that


I haven't seen that. Shall have a search for it.

PS Wasn't it lovely when you could walk down to the baker's and ask for
fresh yeast? You could freeze it for ages and it still came up trumps.
Pity. That is what the supermarkets have done for us (sadly, - even
June Hughes