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Leif Thorvaldson
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Default tea and sandwiches?

Hei, Lars! Hyggelig å ha to nordmenner og en norskamerikaner på gruppen.
Ser også at du staver Trondheim, Trondhjem -- godt å lese! Familien er fra
Sørlandet og for den meste part bor der enda. Jeg var født i New York men
bor i Staten av Washington.

Translation: Hi, Lars! Nice to have two Norwegians and a
Norwegian-American on the group. I see that you spell Trondheim
"Trondhjem" -- good to see. My family is from Southern Norway and most
still live there. I was born in New York but live in the State of


"Lars Mehlum" wrote in message
Hei Ole,

Hyggelig aa se en annen te-interessert nordmann her!
Jeg er forresten også fra Trondhjem, men bor i Bergen.

(English: Nice to see another tea-interested Norwegian here! I'm from
Trondhjem too, but live in Bergen)

"Ole Kvaal" wrote in message
Any suggestions what sort of tea I could drink along with a couple of
sandwiches in my lunch break? Until now, I've been drinking orange juice

my lunch, but I'd much rather find a tea that would go nicely with - and
after - my meal.
Thanks in advance


ole k,