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Michael Plant
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Default tea and sandwiches?

Leif 2/2/04

> "Ole Kvaal" > wrote in message
> ...
>> Ole Kvaal wrote:
>>> Michael Plant wrote:
>>>> ....which reminds me of my Trondhjem story....


> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>>> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> Sorry, I was too surprised to remember to say thanks for your reply :-)
>> I didn't even imagine someone abroad (I suppose) would know the name
>> Trondhjem for Trondheim. . . . . .
>> --
>> regards,
>> ole k,
>> trondheim

> From Michael's story about the "unstolen" gear on the motorbike and his use
> of "Trondhjem," it was apparent to me that Michael's experience was quite
> some time in the past. Crime has come to Norway with a vengeance principally
> from all the immigrants that have been allowed in the country. The
> Norwegians are never satisfied with their language and have had about five
> shifts in "approved" spellings and grammar. Ny Norsk (New Norwegian) is an
> attempt to resurrect the earlier Norwegian language prior to the Danish and
> Swedish influences. School children are expected to be accomplished in
> both. Sort of like learning Spanglish or Ebonics along with a test in
> English.Reminds me a bit about the French and their efforts to retain
> linguistic purity!
> mhv,
> Leif Thorvaldson
> Eatonville, Washington, USA

Yeah, Norway is one of the more amusing exponents of language purity, but
certainly not the only one that offers entertainment. In a way, it's a bit
of a shame to move your language into a realm where only you can understand
it. After all, Old Norwegean (Gamel Norsk?) is/was pretty assessible to
Danes and Swedes. But, hey, whatever you speak, if you're drinking tea, all
is well. (I'm not sure this applies to Liptons; I'll leave that to ya'll.)

I have pretty strong opinions aboiut "Ebonics". Perhaps this isn't the