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Ole Kvaal
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Default tea and sandwiches?

Michael Plant wrote:

Wow. Thanks for your second response. I actually thought you were mad
with me. I wonder if my story could be told today. (It was from the

I very much doubt so. The railway station area is probably one of the least
thinkable places to leave your stuff. I mean, now you even have to watch
your pockets (now THAT'S a bit more like New York City, I suppose). Glad to
hear you've got those happy memories, though.

BTW, I'm drinking Bamboo Fragrance Green Pu-erh. (Some might
say, "uncooked pu-erh.") Very very nice. From Silk Road Tea. There,
that's for relevance.

Did Pu-erh just once, and it was - eh - very special. Don't expect much
from the local teastore anyway. Later this month I'll start online shopping,
so perhaps I'll find something out there.


ole k,