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Default Recipes needed

On Oct 22, 5:25*pm, George Shirley wrote:
On 10/22/2010 5:12 PM, The Cook wrote:

for Seckel pear jam, jelly, preserves. *My neighbor has a tree and
does not seem to be using them. *Thought I might help them *use the
up. *They also have figs.

U of GA has lots of pear and fig recipes on line and the Ball Blue Book
and the Ball Big Book both have some good recipes. I can pear slices in
a solution of Splenda and water and, I believe, the recipe is available
at UofGA also.

My favorite is pear jelly, made after I sieve the cooked pears to remove
seeds, and skins, then I drain the pulp to make pear sauce, either with
cinnamon or cloves, and the juice is then strained through the jelly bag
to make a beautiful yellow jelly.

Figs are very easy, very often we make fig jam with figs that have been
crushed and use only lemon juice and sugar and then BWB the result.

George, do you by any chance of a link to the recipe with pear slices
a solution of Splenda and water or perhaps the recipe? I'm mainly
interested in the solution of Splenda and water recipe. I would like
to make jams and or can fruit, but I really don't want to make a bunch
of stuff with sugar as I know it isn't the healthiest to it. I am
having a hard time finding jam or fruit canning recipes with sugar
alternatives that will taste good. I thought that Splenda would give
the recipe a funny tast when canning. TIA!