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Default Using a food processor to grind meat.

On Sep 14, 6:30*am, notbob wrote:
On 2010-09-14, Nancy Young wrote:

I saw Alton Brown use a food processor to grind meat once.
I think he gave it exactly 10 pulses to get the grind he wanted.
Maybe you could find his method online somewhere. *Wait,

Yes, I have used ABs technique for this exact recipe and it works jes
fine. *The trick is to put the meat in the freezer, but not let it get
hard frozen. *Jes real firm, to where it's jes beginning to freeze
solid. *I used the cutting blade of a Cuisinart and it came out
perfectly fine, give or take a pulse. *Great burgers, BTW.

nb *

I also use the food processor. It works great. You just pulse
until you get the meat to the grind
you prefer for what you are using it for. I use chuck to make
hamburgers and it works like a charm.