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Default Yeast for breadmaker

[I am in the UK]
I have recently purchased a (cheap!) breadmaker, and have made my
first two

The recipe book specifies 1/2 tsp of yeast to 450 grams flour, while
the yeast I purchased, Hovis Fast Action (six sachets for an
extortionate 89p) says one sachet (7 grams - about 2 tsp) for 750
grams of flour. I decided to follow the yeast and put in most of a

Unfortunately the dough rose much too much. The result was reasonably
tasty, but definitely too much yeast.

So for my second loaf I decided to follow the recipe book strictly,
and put in 1/2 tsp of yeast.

This one rose hardly at all.

Given the massive discrepancy can anyone suggest a yeast to use - the
sachets are wasteful given that they are designed for 2/3 more flour,
not too mention that they seem to have different (less!) raising power
per tsp than the yeast specified.

My supermarkets (Sainsburys, Tesco or Asda) sell only these sachets or
yeast which must be mixed with water and described as *not* suitable
for use in breadmakers.

Ocado (Waitrose) sell Dove Farm Quick Yeast (125grams) for 89p, which
I guess will be better. It is also available here at

But even they specify 1tsp (twice as much as my bread machine) of
yeast. So is this a different kind of yeast again, or is yeast that
flexible that you can halve the quantities with the same effect?

And does anyone know where on the high street I can buy a tub of
suitable dried yeast?