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Default The curse of unĚhot peppers

zxcvbob wrote:

Most store-bought jalape˝os are mild. Not just slightly hot, but mild
like a bell pepper. (I seek out the ones with cracks in the skins,
they often have a little heat.) So I started buying serranos, but
they are not really hot either now. Yesterday I bought a handful of
little Thai peppers thinking at least they would be hot. Well, some
of them are, barely.

This is starting to **** me off.

Same here, if this can cheer you up. Only one pakistani-run store delivers
the real deal almost always, but even there I got screwed a couple of times.

Fresh habaneros, dried chilitepins and chipotles, and cayenne pepper
don't taste right for a lot of uses, even though they are still hot.
Maybe I need to try the Asian and Mexican grocery stores.

Dry cayenne pepper is practically tasteless, apart of the hotness, when I
just want hotness I use them, the very small (1" max length) dry ones.
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