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Default Butchering the human carcass for human consumption.

On 4/15/2010 5:14 PM, Benji Z-Man wrote:
On 16/04/10 05:16, High Miles wrote:
On 4/15/2010 1:49 PM, Damaeus wrote:
In, posted on Thu, 15
Apr 2010 09:35:33 -0700 (PDT) the following:
If that's what can be done with the right to free speech, it makes me
less anxious about some of the things I might want to post.


Now THAT's my idea of a useful church.


Now, looking at it from a properly objective perspective...

The instructions are sound, I guess - the guy doesn't recommend
( post) anything that we know medically to be too
hostile to someone inclined to cannibalism. Such as consuming the
brain, which would expose you to much more prion risk than the rest of
the carcass.

Reason for my objectivity, incidentally, is that cannibalism is /not/
illegal worldwide; though the participants of that practice are
unlikely to be here. More likely to be on say... Or a small island nation without internets.
Or in backwaters Germany.

Incidentally, the recipe at the bottom catches my eye - as from
previous experience in the legal field, I happen to have the
disturbing knowledge that pork and human flesh are almost
interchangeable from each other in flavor.

Anyone brave enough to try the recipe listed for a pork marinade? I'm
not so experienced with marinades that I can judge right off the bat
from reading the recipe alone.

Perhaps human meat would be better eaten more simply,
say........................just salt and
pepper.......................until one can judge what treatment might
most enhance the experience.
I imagine the fresh article is going to be difficult to find, short of
doing one in.

I'm sure the butchering technique would be remarkably similar to that
used for hogs of a like size.