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Default turkey and butt at the same time

"Eddie" wrote in message
I only have one Mav. I plan to put a med. size turkey and a 7 lb butt
in the K7 at the same time. How can I monitor the interior of both
with only one Mav. I was thinking that one has to cook faster than
the other and I would simply remove the probe from the first and put
it in the other.
This sound about right? Which of the two should I put it in first?

I wouldn't. I'd cook the turkey at a higher temperature than the butt.
Turkey @ 350ish so that will cook without drying out, and butt @ 250 to
300ish. In your situation, I'd cook the butts the day or night before, hold
them properly (depends on how much earlier you cooked them), then do the
turkey. Re-heat the butt either with the turkey's last few, 20 or so
minutes, or in a foodsaver bag in boiling water.