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Default Roast Cauliflower Recipe

"Jacquie" > wrote in message
> My Hiatal Hernia does not like raw broccoli...but can handle raw
> cauliflower..go figure I love Brussel Sprouts. The best I have ever
> tasted were ones fresh from my neighbors garden when we lived in England.
> I now buy frozen....I will try to get fresh when they are in season...but
> allot of times they look a bit old by the time they get to the market. My
> husband doesn't like them he gets Broccoli or corn when I have
> Brussel Sprouts
> Jacquie

Everybody loves my brussel sprouts! Even people who usually hate them.

Sit down at the table and take your time to clean them up. Cut a tiny
sliver from the bottom of each one, making sure there is enough there to
hold the leaves. Remove any icky looking leaves. Cut each sprout in
half lengthwise and put them in a pot with a little water in the bottom to

When you cut them in half they cook more evenly and they taste better. If
you cook them whole, the outer leaves overcook and get too "cabbagey"
tasting. Cutting in half works perfectly.

While they are cooking, melt some butter in the microwave, add salt, pepper
and the juice from half a lemon.. (strain or pick out the seeds, of

Steam the sprouts till just tender and then drain.
Add the melted butter/seasonings and lemon jc mixture.
Toss and serve immediately.

Note: serving them right away is important, because they continue to cook
from the residual heat, and the longer they cook the more the less pleasant
flavors come about and they will get that cabbagey taste. So if you need to
put them aside for a while till serving time, run a little bit of cool water
over them first to stop the cooking process, then drain them again......
before you add the butter and seasonings.

Just before serving, nuke for a moment with a lid on the dish, toss with the
butter and seasonings and serve.



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