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Default OK, I'm convinced I need to grind my own meat, tell me aboutyourgrinder.....

Ophelia wrote:

"Pologirl" wrote in message
On Nov 2, 3:32 pm, brooklyn1 wrote:
Wrong answer... if you have more meat than your teeny grinder can
handle thats all the more reason to own a larger grinder of your own,
the larger the quantity of meat the more reason to own ones own

Depends how many times a year you use it, and how much you want to
spend on a grinder and a freezer etc. Some meat packers are
immaculate. I will buy ground meat from some supermarkets, not from
others. My local supermarket is not one of them. These days real
butcher shops are few and far between.

I am only cooking for two of us now, but I still like to grind my meat
freshly when I want to use it. I prefer to do it myself for many reasons
which I am sure you already know if you are interested in grinders and read

Mine can be seen here. I took these pics during the Hamburger thread:

When cooking for a few servings, the smaller grinders like the
Kitchenaid attachment are better suited to the task. Indeed grinding and
storing large batches of meat at home pretty much defeats the purposes
of home grinding - to eliminate the off taste from oxidation and to
eliminate contamination issues. If you want to buy large portions of
cheap meat to freeze, freeze them in whole primal cuts and only grind
them when you are ready to use them.