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Default "Great Wine Capital" of the World

On Sun, 18 Oct 2009 08:09:50 +0200, Michael Pronay >

>Joseph Coulter > wrote:
>>> Thus said, the only capital in the world with a serious wine
>>> industry within its limits is Vienna, Austria, with some 700
>>> hectares of vineyards.

>> The Parisiennes

>Interesting: Why do you exclude their male counterparts, the

M. Pronay surely you understand, I am only a man I am so predictable
in these things.<(VBG>
>> will surely inform you that quanity alone does not make for
>> vinyards in a Capital. Especially when the capital of France is
>> being neglected. Paris, too, has its vines and wines. :-)

>That's why I said *serious* wine industry, in the sense that the
>wine is accessible to anybody, which definitely is not the case
>for Montmartre produce.

Please bear in mind that I meant no disrespect to the Vienese wine
industry. I was playing with the capitals and wine aspect only.
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