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Default Shiraz-soy Grilled Flank Steak Recipe.

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On Oct 12, 5:59 pm, "Nunya Bidnits" [email protected]
september.invalid wrote:
Dave Bugg said:

Theron wrote:

Dave, why don't you just plonk the stupid prick and go back to enjoying
newsgroup? Besides to be honest, I'm tired of seeing this flame war pop up
like a pimple in every damn thread. I've had him plonked for a long time
I plonk entire threads that go this way, but it's getting into every nook
and cranny of this NG to the point that there is almost nowhere to go to
escape it without KFing people I'd rather not KF. As long as people
to every nitwit post he makes, he OWNS this NG, plain and simple. It
And I bet if he was completely ignored, he'd quit posting, but at this
point, he clearly knows he's gotten the goat of enough people to make it
to harass this NG.

Let it go.



The continuous witch by just a few hunt to ferret out the Kent trolls
ruins thread after thread with their venemous cursing, dissection of
every suspicious post so they can **** on the computer screen with
their self righteous verbal vomit.

I counted the last number of posts that were supposed to posted by
Kent on a recent thread. The self righteous sneerings of the Kent
killers posted more than two to one to Kent's responses.

Now which of these guys can't see the tail wagging the dog here? Who
hasn't figured out how many of us are disgusted by the simple fact
that all someone has to do is post something the Kent busters
think is suspicious and they dog pile attack someone. It is like

watching a monkey and organ grinder. The organ grinder turns the
crank, and the Kent busters dance. I'll bet they get a helluva laugh
on their end.

Personally, I have my own, low tech method for dealing with annoying
posts. If I recognize the poster, I don't even read it. If I get
snookered into reading a troll why in the ****ing world would I give
some moron the pleasure of seeing me respond in writing? Can you
knotheads even imagine the joy these guys get out of seeing how many
of you they can get to respond, especially if it is obvious they have
really pushed your buttons? You are no more than their puppets.

In case I was obtuse, I would like to second Marty's motion to return
this group to barbecue based discussions with an enjoyable tone.


I also second Marty's motion. My post above regarding Chris' "Shiraz-soy
Grilled Flank Steak Recipe" was just my point of view. It wasn't intended
in any fashion to troll*. I know that the definition below has been posted a
number of times. I have not tried in any way to do that. If someone is
interpreting what I've written as that I sincerely apologize.

A recent exception to that is when I told Dave Bugg to "Shut Up" after
hearing "Asshat" and FOAD multiple times. I think the latter can be called a
troll, though I recognize Dave's intent is to get me off the air.

I would like to continue participating in this NG. I have learned a lot, and
I am thankful for that.


*A troll is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or
off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion
forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users
into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic