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Default Salvage grocery stores

"none of your business" wrote
"jmcquown" wrote:

>> Pam, I have no idea what a "salvage" grocery store is. More details would
>> be welcome.

> my god, you truly are an idiot.

No she isnt. The name is an unusual one for the type of store. 'Salvage
Store' in most of the south means Goodwill, Salvation Army and such. Those
places do not sell food. Hence, asking about how the groceries are at a
'salvage store' made no sense at all. Jill is a southerner (USA South).

The name threw me too until someone mentioned 'Big Box' and 'Big Lots'.
Then it clicked. I have no idea if that is a common name for such elwhere,
only that it threw me and Jill in first hearing it that way.