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Default Salvage grocery stores

Janet Bostwick wrote:
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>> pamjd wrote:
>>> One just opened up near us. What is your experience at such a place?
>>> The also raise their own organic pork and beef that youcan put in an
>>> order for. Intersting concept but might not be to advantagous for a
>>> family of 2. Experiences and advice welcomed.

>> We buy a lot of canned and boxed goods at Big Lots for about half their
>> retail price, sometimes less. Basically they are overstock and salvage
>> goods. There's just the two of us but we save substantial money doing
>> this. Check their prices and their goods. I wouldn't buy dented cans as
>> the tinning can spall off when they're dented. Same with boxes or
>> packaging that has tears.

> Sounds nice. Our Big Lots is just jewelry, towels, cheap furniture,
> wrapping paper. That kind of stuff.
> Janet

Ours is smaller than most, is located in an area with lots of folks on
low income. It has either four or five aisles of nothing but food, one
aisle is dedicated to chips, cereals, and almost-ready-made items.
Others are canned and bottled goods including canned meats, stews, etc.
Pretty good prices for stocking up on hurricane supplies. I get a kick
out of the remaindered food stuff that has English on one side of the
label and either Arabic or Urdu on the other side. Some have one or more
Romance languages on the label. Pretty much it appears someone in a
country that speaks one of those languages ordered a bunch of food and
the manufacturer had an overrun that was sold to Big and Odd Lots.

I hit them at the end of the gardening season and pick up this years
seeds at ten packets for a dollar quite often. Those go in the plastic
container in the freezer for next years garden.