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Default Grocery stores keep scamming us

On Thu, 1 Oct 2009 08:19:56 -0700, "Dimitri" >
fired up random neurons and synapses to opine:

>Used meat is the common term here (RFC) for short code markdown meat.
>I don't remember who started the term maybe Barb.

While traveling through Tennessee some years ago, I saw a sign
advertising "Used Cows For Sale." Odd the silly memories that take up
permanent residence, while more important ones are all too transient.

Terry "Squeaks" Pulliam Burd


"If the soup had been as hot as the claret, if the claret had been as
old as the bird, and if the bird's breasts had been as full as the
waitress's, it would have been a very good dinner."

- Duncan Hines

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