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Default Tailgating anyone?

Tom Biasi said...

"Gloria P" wrote in message
Tom Biasi wrote:

The TG's at Giant's stadium used to be awesome. You could walk around
the parking lot and socialize and trade food.
The TG squad now patrols the lot and dampers the fun a little. They
want you in your own spot and not in a an adjacent parking space.
So your setup has to be in the same parking spot as your car. I tow a
trailer and take 1.5 spots. I tell them I drove two vehicles to the
game and need two spots.
So far just a sideways look and they leave.

Do you pay for two parking spaces when you bring a trailer?

gloria p

If I do, then there is no issue, it's my space. Sometimes in the past
the parking guy would just say, "Keep it tight". Then I was at their



Maybe five years ago I was invited to a Giants game to tailgate and watch
the game. Of all things I offered to bring they said "bring donuts." WTF???
From Philly,??? I could've brought cheesesteaks. Turned out the kids went
to town on the donuts.

It was genuinely a grand time!

I forget who the Giant's played or who won but I remember tailgating!!!
First and only time!


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