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Default Pakistani-Indian yogurt curry

On Mar 3, 5:31 am, phil--c wrote:
Two questions . How did it taste (in your opinion)

Will you be doing it again and if any modifications ?

The taste was okay, but I'm going to be trying other brands of curry
mix, and hopefully one will resemble what I get at my favorite
Pakistani-Indian restaurants in San Francisco. It seems that every
brand of Indian or Thai curry has way too much red chile in it, which
overwhelms all the other spices. I wish they would omit it and let
the cook just add as much extra chile as he wants. One day I want to
attempt making curry with whole spices I toast and grind myself.

I had resisted trying to cook with yogurt because previous attempts
had always caused the yogurt to curdle into a disgusting mess, but the
corn starch trick worked perfectly. I thinned it out with some
coconut milk for my second serving and it really enhanced the flavor,
but added a lot of fat. I love Thai peanut sauce, so I might sautee
some raw peanuts and puree them with the yogurt and coconut milk,
though I doubt it's authentic for Indian curries.

Welcome to the world of Kitchen experiments

This web site may assist

I would suggest a very early purchase to be a mortar and pestle
This site you may find even more helpful

Some of curries from Karila and Goa have no chilli whatsoever
Instead they use Mustard seed or pepper .

Or over there if you can find an Indian shop grab some of the curry
powder they use in Fish head curry (YUM) see if you like it .
If so make that up in powder form EASY as .

Curries so so very regional some take your head off while eating
and you also pay for it the next day .
Others add a flavour without killing all the other subtle flavours of
whats main ingredient.

Thai curry to my mind is nothing like Indian curry with perhaps the
exception of Masaman (which is from the Malay part of the Kingdom any way )