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Default I ate the whole thing

On Feb 3, 1:16*pm, "pintlar" wrote:
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... In article ,
Sounds pretty good to me, too. *Kraut and ribs. *If you're thinking of
experimenting, know that tomato flavor is nice with kraut. *Pour an
8-ounce can of plain tomato sauce on top of half the kraut in your pan.
If you can cook it the rest of the way without stirring, you'll have an
idea of whether or not you like the addition of the tomato flavor.
-Barb, Mother Superior, HOSSSPoJ
-- a woman my age shouldn't
have this much fun!

I was thinking the same about the tomatoe sauce thing. I have no doubts that
would be a great change.
Also, some of those beans with the same name as our ex Pres, either on the
side or in the pot. As it stands now, the recipe is not flatulant (sp?) for
some reason. I bet beans would change that.

Paula Prentiss? The sometime movie star? Did you mean Paula Deen?
(probably not, I can't imagine she's a sauerkraut person....)