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Default I ate the whole thing

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"pintlar" wrote:

Not at once, but within 3 days.
I have to tell you about a recipe I found on a TV cooking show. I
hate to push a show but Paula Prentiss had a recipe on last year that was so
simple, I did not bother to add it to my recipe file.
I made the dish a three times last year, and really enjoyed it. I was
amazed at how tasty such a simple dish could be. Then I forgot about it.
Last week I caught just the last few minutes of a rerun of that show, and
since I could not locate that recipe in my files, I had to go to the site
and get it.
It is babyback pork short rib, sauerkraut, spud recipe. And it is
sensational (at least to me).
I use my 10 quart cast iron dutch oven.

And talk about being economical. If one used a pound and a half of kraut,
you could feed an army (I cheat and use 7 spuds, no problem, and the dish
is not hurt). I once used trimmed pork blade steaks (most economical)
instead of the ribs. I got top results.
Next time I will use 4 pieces of chopped bacon for the cooking oil (for the
ribs), and then add the bacon bits on top of the spuds.
This dish definitely calls for experimentation.

Sounds pretty good to me, too. Kraut and ribs. If you're thinking of
experimenting, know that tomato flavor is nice with kraut. Pour an
8-ounce can of plain tomato sauce on top of half the kraut in your pan.
If you can cook it the rest of the way without stirring, you'll have an
idea of whether or not you like the addition of the tomato flavor.
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