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Default Elderberry Goo Residue Removel Help

We have used wild berries and cultivated berries. We are in Upstate New
York. We tried everything. No stems, no unripe berries, fermenting cold in
primary, boiling them first, and still get goo. More so some years. What
is the goo? Abrasives for cleaning is not satisfactory. "Goof Off" and
lighter fluid, both work. They are tough to use in a carboy. It seems that
someone must know what it is an dwhat it's soluble in.

"malc" wrote in message
Andie Z wrote:
We have been making elderberry wine for years. This year we made
another 12 gallons. The big problem we have is cleaning up. During
and after primary fermentation we end up with a non-soluble goo. We
still haven't discovered a way to wash it off our stirrer, our
primary, or anything else. Does anyone have a sure fire way of
getting it off stuff. My 90 year old mother is the wine master and
she has it on her finger nails.

What are you making it with? I've made elderberry for years too and not
had that problem. Mind you I never make more than a couple of gallons at
one time so perhaps I just haven't noticed the quantity. Have you tried an
abrasive cleaner like Ajax. For your hands you can buy hand cleaners with
abrasive granules in. I find soaking in a strong hot bleach solution can
help really stubborn congealed lumps, that or washing soda.


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