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Default Some new foodie finds

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> On Wed, 31 Dec 2008 12:34:18 -0600, Omelet >
> wrote:
> >Heh! Reminds me of the nice rocks sold at one of the gift shops in
> >Austin. They had some nice samples of Halite. They'd posted a sign next
> >to them not to get them wet
> >
> >Evidently some customers had purchased some and tried to use them as
> >fish tank rocks. <g>

> Not funny IMO. Let me get this straight. Halite is rock salt.
> Everyone knows rock salt, Halite is not as well known. In fact, I'd
> never heard of it until this thread. So they sell it for more if they
> call it Halite?

The lamps are kind of pretty. Not US$100 pretty, though. And they are
really just night-lights:

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