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Default Some new foodie finds

On Dec 30, 2:01*pm, koko > wrote:
> We were in Lake Havasu visiting daughter Erika and family over the
> Christmas holiday. Dang I love my grandsons, they are so much fun.
> Sorry, I digress.
> Here are a few foodie things I found while we were shopping in
> Bullhead City.
> A nice little Le Creuset 7"rectangular stoneware baking dish. Some Sri
> Lankan curry and some Spanish hot smoked paprika. Two grinding mills,
> one filled with a Thai blend and one with a Key West blend. Can't wait
> to try these.
> Now for my funky find. I love coming across these weird little
> treasures.
> How did I ever get along without a Zen Cube.
> Packaging propagan..ahem..information.
> It comes with it's own handy dandy little grater. The cube is roughly
> 2" square.
> This stuff is good.
> It will be so easy to just grate a little over the food right before
> serving.
> This should last me a good long time.
> koko
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I was recently in my fave ethnic store, Hmart- they had huge salt
monoliths- I think they even had lights in them. They were also well
over $150.00