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Default Grocery stores

Lou Decruss wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Nov 2008 07:31:26 -0800, "The Ranger"
> > wrote:
>> The comment that really set me off on my BIL was when we
>> compared deli products. He was so proud of the "smoked turkey"
>> he got for $5.99/lb. It was one of the worst deli products I'd
>> ever had; gummy/mushy, falling apart, soaking wet with injected
>> water, and the "smoke" was oozing from the meat. I gave him a
>> slice of the smoked turkey I'd purchased from the grocer I use,
>> for $6.99; more firm, definite smoke flavor, and no standing
>> water. "Yeah but it 'tastes' funny."

> Unfortunately that's a benchmark set by macdonalds and other low end
> food choices. When people taste better food they don't like it. I
> know someone who takes his family to macdonalds twice a week. I asked
> why he didn't go to a real restaurant for a good burger and he said
> nothing else tasted as good. Uggg. We had the same thing happen with
> our daughter when she came home from college hungry and headed
> straight for the fridge. We had just shopped and it was full of all
> kinds of stuff. She closed the doors and said there wasn't anything
> in there except condiments and asked for money to go out. She was
> looking for something frozen and in a box. That's what she was used
> to. I noticed that with all our kids the longer they were away the
> more their food tastes declined.
> Lou

I guess I don't get it either. There is a little deli in my town that
makes great fresh subs using buns from the Italian bakery that is one
town over. They use quality meats and the price is probably 25% less
than the big box chains like subway. I mention the place whenever I get
a chance and I get reactions such as "the bun was crispy so it must have
been old" or even more important when food quality is concerned "they
don't have a touch screen display where I can place my order"