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Default Shortbread and shortenin' bread.

Lynn from Fargo wrote:
On Oct 29, 9:33 am, "James Silverton"
Hello All!

There has been a thread on shortbread and shortenin' bread in
alt.usage.english of all places. From what I can tell of the recipes,
Scottish shortbread and American Southern Shortenin' bread ("Mamas's
little baby loves ...") are identical, contain an almost unbelievable
amount of butter and taste great. Is my impression correct that
authentic recipes contain only butter, brown sugar and flour?

James Silverton
Potomac, Maryland

AFAIK yes. Although the sugar in Scottish shortbread would most
likely be white,
Also the butter MUST be real!
Lynn in Fargo

My Scottish grandmother's recipe specifically stated don't use margarine!
And yes, the sugar is white, not brown sugar.