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Default I tried the new V8 Soups

Anthony Ferrante wrote:
Sheldon wrote:
Anthony Ferrante �wrote:

Today, I tried one of the new Cambell's V8 soups
( and it was
everything I hoped for and more.

Each container is two measly cups. �All the flavors are mighty high in
salt. �How much do they cost.

It was about $2.95 per box.

Very pricy for convenience... you're paying mostly for marketing,
packaging, and water... those single ingredient soups are extremely
easy to prepare and since they're meatless very inexpensive to make
yourself... make up a big potful, like eight quarts and freeze in
serving size containers. I bet most anyone can make a better tasting
simple soup at home with very littel effort. I don't particularly
care for puree soups anyway, especially not those made by others
(never know what/who's in it), I like chunky soups, soups with stuff
to sink my teeth into, not those that just slide down... I don't find
soups you just drink very satisfying. Anyone wants to make that corn
soup all they gotta do is spend like four bucks on a #10 can of
creamed corn to use as a base, and add a few inexpensive seasonings.
Of course I'd add a mess of diced carrots, onions, celery, garlic,
parsley, even some bacon and limas... add some water/stock and end up
with 8 qts of *premium* soup for maybe a buck a quart... you paid $6/
qt for mediocre mystery gruel. You can do the same with a #10 can of
tomatoes, use canned pumpkin/yams for the squash soup, use potato
flakes, use your brain.