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Default I tried the new V8 Soups

Today, I tried one of the new Cambell's V8 soups
( and it was everything I hoped for
and more. The one I tried was the Sweet Red Pepper. And it was very
thick, mildly spicy, but not hot at all, and the taste was fabulous!

Initially, when I saw it at the store, I thought that is was a small
package, but it is 18 oz, so it is over a pound. Not bad. The first
thing I noticed was when I opened the container, how slowly the soup
poured out as it was that thick. I thought as it poured that this
would be a great to pour over cabbage rolls.

I bought two different soups and the other one I got is Southwestern
Corn. I cannot wait to try this. If you click the link I provided
above, you will see the other varieties they are currently offering.

The only thing missing was the crackers which I forgot to buy.