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Default Commercial Smokers?

Jack Curry wrote:
Scott Purdie wrote:

Thanks to all the smart-asses with the "search engines are amazing
things" comments.

No doubt. Since this is a bbq list and there seem to be many people
here that know their stuff, I was thinking maybe a few people had
experience with several venders and knew enough to recommend one over
another, the pros and cons, etc...

I now realize that the search engine comment guy is not one of those
knowledgable folks.

Carry on.

If you've lurked here for awhile, you must have noticed that it's a fairly
tough room and most of the regulars brook no BS. Your initial question drew
a few "Google it" replies, and if I were you, I think I'd have replied,
"Yeah, I guess I should have done that," instead of your "smart-asses"
That's what's gotten you hauled over the coals.
Here's a suggestion for you. Try saying, "OK, I might have made a mistake.
Can we start over?"
Do something like that and you'll find most of these guys will fall all over
themselves trying to help you out. Keep up with the "smart-ass" remarks and
all you'll get is grief.
Jack Curry

I googled him to see where else he has been in Usenet. I looked at
several of his posts, most of which were in a computer related subject
of usenet. The several that I looked at, it was similar to I am just
getting started in such n such programming and I am wondering 'How can I
do this or that?'

So it looks as though we all agree, he came in here looking for someone
to do his homework. He got one response detailing Dave's homework of
which was narrowed down to two vendors. Will he get all he needs from
that response to make his own decision? Perhaps, but his blinders are
preventing him from looking at several vendors and finding a vendor that
suits him best.

I put in my response

Will you to be around in 6 months willing to help others who come here
for the first time to learn more about bbq?

My guess is no. He will not be around in 6 days, much less 6 months or 6
years. He came in here and got Dave's answer to Dave's question of
which one is best for him. And hoping that Dave's homework is the answer
to his question of which is better for him(this him being the poster who
started this thread).

He doesn't appear to want to stir things up. So I guess that is the good
thing about him.

Happy Q'en,