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Phil Anderson
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Default Tabasco Wood Chips

"Jason" wrote in message
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news:[email protected]
As Mr. Schidt implied, it's a marketing gimmick...I picked

some up cheap on
closeout. I couldn't tell any difference between them and

regular oak (I
think they're oak) chips.

I concur, sadly and wholeheartedly.

It just makes sense that it would work as described. I mean,

this wood
has been in contact with an extremely flavorful and strong

for years. Yet, I could tell no difference whatsoever between

and regular oak chips.

I guess it also makes sense that the process of burning removes

all of
that flavor or those flavors just don't make the "smoke to meat"
transition, too.

Get them, but don't pay any more than regular oak chips for


Oh, I dunno, I detected a difference. Cain't say as I liked the
difference, since things mostly just tasted 'dirtier,' but I
thought there was a difference.