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butch burton typed:

Like I said, though, cook low and slow, fat towards the fire, until the
internal temp reaches about 199. The particular rub isn't as important as
the technique. But the "Dizzy Pig" Cow Lick" was excellent. For those of
you that frequent other forums, that's Nature Boy's rub.


Smoke my brisket fat side up and it works very well because of the
full set of baffles in the beast-smoke and heat come down from above.
Very tasty and juicy. I would suggest making your own rubs-most of
them contain way too much sugar and salt. Great recipes in the
faq-and blending your own spices is kinda cool. Grind some of my
spices in a whirly bird/blade grinder.

Will probably smoke a 10#+ brisket and a 20#+ ham on Friday-just
finishing up insulating my offset smoker with fiberglass-will see how
that goes.

We're saying the same thing...fat towards the heat source.

I do usually make my own rubs, but this was a "Door Prize" and reading the
labels Saturday night (I don't have them now, my nephew won them and took
them home with him) salt is down the list in the "Dizzy Pig" rubs that I
used. There were lots of commercially made samples, and most of them had
salt first. Almost nobody used the salty ones.

Good luck with the insulation, but keep it away from the food! Brisket and
ham will be great.