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Default Unexpected Kitchen Expense :(

On Tue, 26 Aug 2008 22:06:27 -0400, Goomba

Christine Dabney wrote:

You can't contact the person that took the stove and explain that you
left your pans in there by mistake, and that you need them?

That's what I would do...


sigh Well, we're not sure which of the workman ended up with it? And
to call the business owner-would that get his employee in any trouble? I

It shouldn't. You were the ones that left them in fault of
the workman.
We (he!) goofed. I'll just have to order new. I hope whomever ended up
with them appreciate them and use them.

Hey, what do you have to lose on seeing if the workman can return
them? It's an honest left them in there. I sure
wouldn't go out to buy new stuff.... I would get them back. It's
your stuff, after all!!!!