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Default You can buy tea in Pittsburgh at Margarets Fine Imports

Margaret's Fine Imports, a House of Gourmet Teas, Coffees, Tea &
Coffee Accessories, Imported Chocolates/Candy, European Cosmetics,
Scented Soy Wax Candles and more.... We sell over 30 Gourmet Coffees
in bulk, including Fair Trade and Organic coffees. We feature over
loose teas and many bagged teas from United Kingdom, Poland & USA.
large selection of Imported Chocolates is the talk of town: Hachez,
Ritter Sport, Lindt, Chocolove, Milka, Cote D'Or, Santander, Wedel,
and more... If you need a good skin moisturizer or anti-wrinkle
we have it too!! And our locally made Scented Soy Candles/Lotions are
unbelievable!!! We make gift baskets and offer tea classes and tea