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Default Cheese enchiladas - Oy vey!

ankalime wrote:
On May 16, 8:49=A0am, Nick Cramer wrote:
ankalime wrote:
On May 16, 7:37=3DA0am, Nick Cramer wrote:
"krom" wrote:
[ . . . ]
Nick, I think Krom means he has a coupon from Chipotle Mexican
Restaurant, not a coupon for a free chile.

Heh heh! Thanks, Cindy. I thought that was the case, but I also thought
some people might be interested in how to make their own Chipotles.

You know, I did find that interesting... I never thought of making
chipotles on my own. The grocery in the little town I live in doesn't
carry any. Maybe I can talk my husband into getting a smoker next and
we'll give it a go!

Cindy! If you're even _thinking_ about getting a smoker, go to, tell them what you're thinking of doing, ask what else
you can do and ask what they're thoughts are regarding various smokers and
where to buy. If this will be your fist time with a smoker, tell them that,
too. Also, what area you're in. There are folks there from around the
world, so you'll get some local info, too. Mostly a nice bunch of folks
with a few loons. Just like around here! ;-D

Nick. Support severely wounded and disabled Veterans and their families!
I've known US vets who served as far back as the Spanish American War. They
are all my heroes! Thank a Veteran and Support Our Troops. You are not
forgotten. Thanks ! ! ~Semper Fi~