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Default Whole Foods Worker Sacked For Stopping Shoplifter...

Virginia Tadrzynski wrote:

> When I worked for Walmart as a Customer Service Manager (mid level
> management) I was told that we could physically 'observe' someone stuff
> goods into a bag and walk out with it but could do nothing. Corporate
> policy was that an "Assistant Manager" or higher had to see them steal
> before they could be stopped. Find an assistant manager on the floor at any
> time.....Good luck. So it got to a point that in the break room the
> cashiers and the floor associates kept a tally of who saw how many people
> steal. But come bonus time, there wasn't one because 'we allowed
> shrink'.......go figure.

Big box stores know that with the deep pockets they have it is cheaper
to let someone walk away with $100 worth of stuff than to be involved
even in token litigation for say $12,000 which I understand is the
current amount your "council" can pretty much ask for and you will get a
part of simply to go away.

Oh, and the biggest heist from the store I worked
> at Assistant Manager found the lapse in the security tape in the cash
> room (7 minutes at midnight to reset all the registers in the store) and
> made off with over $30k in small incriments during those lapses.
> -ginny