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Default Look for 1980's Quaker Oats Cookie Recipe

Virginia Tadrzynski wrote:

> Taken from the Favorite Brand Name Cookbook (publ. 1981)

I have that cookbook and love it!

A story about the popularity of these cookies.

I often get into the mood to bake as the weather gets colder, but Jim
and I eat the baked goodies on the first day, then let them get stale
after that. I've tried to get better about freezing immediately, but
then we don't eat what I've frozen. So last year when I took a writing
class, in addition to its being a great class where I liked my
classmates and I learned tons, I had an outlet for my baking. I brought
goodies practically every week.

First I brought linzer torte and wrote about my fears that I'd made
torte-eous soup here. They were delighted. Then I gave them a banana
cake with a fancy cream cheese frosting. They complimented that and ate
it up. And so it went until the last class when I brought oatmeal
cookies. In addition to the thanks and compliments that were going to
my head, suddenly everyone wanted the recipe.
"But they're just the ordinary easy cookies from the lid of the box."
"Oh, but they're the best we've ever tasted, the best we've had, the
recipe, please.

So I gave them the recipe.