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Default WTN: 3 French wines, 1 Spanish

On Nov 27, 11:59�pm, Mark Lipton wrote:
DaleW wrote:
Ok -nay, good-
Burg, but I like the good to excellent 2004 Meursault Bourgogne AC at
least as much as this Meursault. B

Is the name of the producer Meursault, Dale, or is this a typo? �I
wouldn't think that EU law would allow a producer to take the name of a
region that the wine wasn't entitled to, but what do I know?

Dinner was a pork and bean stew with orange zest , served with brown
rice and broccoli. The recipe was from NYT :
as a pairing for Portugese wine. If I had known, I would have told
Betsy to use the Quinta de Cabriz, but she had grabbed a bottle of the
2005 Borsao (Campo De Borja, this is the one with dark label with
beige/yellow accents) as cooking wine. We served the remaining couple
of glasses with dinner. A winner again, at $7. Medium-bodied, cherry
and red plum fruit, a hint of tobacco and earth. Not a lot of length,
but tasty for price. B

In my Sam's spree, I picked up two bottles of the '04 Borsao, still on
their shelves along with the Tres Picos, but for $10.44

This would probably sink into oblivion in a lineup with more
"serious" Bordeaux, but I'm happy to have 5 more for Tuesday dinners
with my wife (actually, maybe I should contemplate telling Marc it
never came in- he hasn't paid me for his six yet- nah, no deal is
worth being an #$%hole). B++

Lo, how those '97 prices have fallen! �As if you needed another
incentive to cough up Marc's share of the case, this wine doesn't sound
quite attractive enough to warrant a whole case purchase anyway (at
least, if you don't factor in the price).

Thanks for the interesting notes,
Mark Lipton
-- FAQ: �

A typo indeed- I meant the Matrot Bourgogne AC.
I am delivering Marc's Fri at our pinot-fest, but I would have been
happy to have a full case. Not one for the ages, but certainly not
fading, I'd drink over 3-4 years. I love having reasonably priced
Bordeaux to have with my meat (last mature purchase I made like this
was '96 Talbot at $12/375, I split a case of 24, and wish again I'd
kept whole case). The problem is of course these deals are usually on
prearrivals, gone by the time one tastes.