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Default See what happens when you lose weight?

"Julie Bove" > wrote in message
> "Andy" <q> wrote in message ...
>> This morning I realized a ring is missing. I've been turning the house
>> upside down, went through the garbage bit by bit. Can't find it!
>> Called two stores I visited yesterday, "Sorry."
>> Visited the hawkwatch in hopes. "Sorry."
>> I knew it was getting loose as I lost poundage. Should've had it resized
>> sooner.
>> This happened once before with my 7 diamond ring and it turned up in the
>> trash. No such luck today.
>> Now I just need to take a couple valium, get over the frustration and
>> then
>> turn the house over again. If I find it, I'll probably collapse.
>> It's only of sentimental value since I've worn it for all my adult life.
>> I'm physically and mentally exhausted.
>> See what happens when you lose weight? You lose "stuff" too!
>> Water, 2 valium, gulp.

> Happened to me twice with my wedding ring. First time it slipped off in
> my purse. Second time was much harder to find. Eventually found it in a
> small soft sided cooler bag that I carry drinks in.
> I no longer wear the wedding ring. I just buy a cheap, wedding looking
> ring and replace it when it starts looking bad. I figure I'm still losing
> weight so no need to buy something expensive until I'm down to the size I
> want.

I caught my fingers on a heavy bag and the door knob. It made my two
fingers, pinky & wedding ring fingers swell up. The swelling would not go
down . I had it x-rayed, did all sorts of ice and massages, finally it did
come down just a bit to screamily pull the ring off (I wasn't about to have
it cut it off). The doctor(s) said that the ring was too tight and was
causing my finger(s) to swell - they poo-pooed the fact that I had caught my
fingers in the door. How dumb can these doctors be. But, it apparently was
not the ring - I knew that! Fingers still swollen. Ring(s) will not go on.

At first I wondered how it would feel not to have a wedding ring on. I
don't think much about it anymore. DH has never worn a wedding ring. So
we're still the two look-alikes.

Dee Dee