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Old 14-08-2005, 02:37 PM
usual suspect
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Default dreck nash's distortion and eating disorder

Claire's fat windbag Uncle Dreck wrote on 23 May 2003:
I used to eat black olives up until a few months ago, but
stopped after realising they swim around in squid ink, or
something close to it. I'm always ready to make changes to
maintain my ethical standard.
-- Dreck Nash,

Today, he writes:
I'm reliably told that they are immersed in squid ink
to colour them black.

Note that Dreck initially wrote he "realised" black olives do something
they don't. He now lies and writes it wasn't a "realization," _per se_,
but rather that he's been "reliably told" they do something they don't.

These olives are processed in a lye curing solution that leaches
the bitterness out. California Ripe Olives have a firm texture
and smooth, mellow taste. Once curing is complete, a series of
cold water rinses removes every trace of curing solution. During
the curing process, which takes several days, a flow of air
bubbling through the olives produces the natural, rich dark
color. A trace of organic iron salt (ferrous gluconate) is added
to act as a color fixer so the olives will have less tendency to
fade after the cans are stored.

Canning is the final step. Ripe olives are canned in a mild salt
brine solution and, because they are a low-acid product, are
heat sterilized under strict California State health rules.

Regardless, as he's wont to do, Dreck avoids a food he previously
enjoyed on the flimsiest of grounds AND DOES SO BECAUSE IT MAKES HIM
FEEL VIRTUOUS AND MORE ETHICAL. Such belief and action is consistent
with orthorexia.

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