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Old 20-03-2005, 08:28 PM
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Default Glutamic Acid in Soy

From: "Robert Cohen" [email protected]
Date: Sun Mar 20, 2005 12:06 pm
Subject: Glutamic Idiots

Glutamic Idiots

I received the following letter from one of my readers:

"Dear Notmilkman,

I think soy is naturally high in L-Glutamine or Glutamic
acid. I think it can tend to glue up the brain and make
the thoughts sticky. I know soy can damage the thyroid
and eventually the pituitary. People with bad thyroids
can get foggy thinking and certain pains in muscles.
When the pitutary swells too much from the above it can
press too much on the eyeball and possibly the brain.

(Name and Email Address withheld)"
__________________________________________________ ____
In his book, 'Prescription for Nutritional Healing,"
Dr. James Balch says this about glutamic acid, one
of 28 amino acids:

"L-Glutamic Acid (or glutamate) increases firing of
neurons in the nervous system. It metabolizes sugars and
fats, and detoxifies ammonia when used with L-glutamine.
This amino acid also helps correct personality disorders.
Besides glucose, glutamic acid is the only compound used
for brain fuel. The brain converts glutamic acid to a
compound that regulates brain cell activity."

Some misinformants claim that soy is dangerous because
it contains glutamic acid.

The doctor putting out the greatest amount of disinformation
on that subject is Russell Blaylock, author of "Excitotoxins."
Dr. Blaylock is right on about his criticism of Aspartame,
the artificial sweetener. Aspartame (Nutrapoison) has
three components: Phenylalanine, Methanol, and Aspartic
Acid. Blaylock (and other poorly informed physicians like
him, including Mercola) believe that aspartic acid is poison.
What ignorance.

Both Mercola and Blaylock are meat-eating dairy-consuming
ignoramuses. That is their choice, of course, but their
obligation, having taken the Hippocratic oath, is
to disseminate truth, not lies. To eat chicken and not
tofu because of the glutamic acid "threat" is to
consume nearly six times the amount of glutamic acid.
To Dr. Blaylock: Knock, knock. Wake up and climb upon
the bandwagon of truth.

Having done research to determine the level of glutamic acid
in various portions of food, let me share the facts with you.

One portion (100 grams) of human breast milk contains
0.17 grams of glutamic acid. Just for the record, a 100-gram
portion of soymilk contains almost four times the amount of
glutamic acid as does breast milk, 0.64 grams.

Both Blaylock and Mercola label soymilk as being dangerous
because of that relatively high amount of glutamic acid. Take
note that a 100-gram portion of tofu (Mori-nu silken soft)
contains 0.80 grams of glutamic acid.

Both Blaylock and Mercola are cheeseheads, and continue
to eat large amounts of fish and chicken. If their claim
that soymilk is bad because it contains four times the
amount of glutamic acid as does human breast milk,
conclude what you will about their advice after reading
the amounts of glutamic acid in hundred-gram portions
of animal products:

human milk = 0.17 grams
soy milk = 0.64 grams (3.8 times that of human milk)
soft tofu = 0.80 grams (4.7 times human milk)
broiled salmon = 3.23 grams (19 times)
broiled steak = 3.35 grams (19.7 times)
broiled chicken (white meat) = 4.63 grams (27.2 times)
cheddar cheese = 6.09 grams = (35.8 times)

One might assume that the brains of men like Dr.
Blaylock and Dr. Mercola not have been compromised
by internal secretions of aspartic acid. Instead, it
is clear that these two poorly informed physicians
have neurons and synapses ovedosed by copious amounts
of assanine acid.

Robert Cohen

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Old 22-03-2005, 12:44 AM
Abner Hale
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Laurie wrote:
"Jerry Story" wrote in message

Cohen, the no-milk guy, probably thinks that soy is a necessary
alternative to milk. I can beat both milk and soy with veggy

Maybe add some ground seeds and nuts to the veggy juice.

Let's not try to read his mind via the Internet. Ask him; he

Maybe he is just cashing in on the currently-popular soy propaganda??
Soy does not kill as many as bovine beverage, so apparently he

did not
do his homework on the lesser evil.
After all, he is the Notmilk Man, not the Optimum Health ManG.


What's that make you, Fruity? The Science-Illiterate Man?

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