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Old 03-01-2004, 09:56 AM
John Coleman
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Default 2003 Raw Vegan Hall of Shame Awards

I presume this is from Tom Billings:


2003's biggest story:
A RAW VEGAN DIET. This tragedy took place in the Miami, Florida
area and is the 2nd tragedy like this in 3 years (in 2001 a
similar tragedy took place in Britain).

To make matters worse, the most active raw vegan pseudoscience
promoters (John Coleman and Lawrence "Laurie" Forti) continue to
this day to promote the false, dangerous, and potentially harmful

If this claim is false then please demonstrate it with facts and figures,
making stupid comments simply doesn't count, and only lowers your

One can easily demonstrate nutritional similarities between fruits and
breast milk with either radar charts, or indeed as I have done with using a
SOM neural network to group foods by recognising a pattern similarity. In
this case I fed in 22 nutrients and found that groupings were highly

Unfortunately similarity and equivalance are different, fruit and vegetable
juices will never replace breast milk.

claim that sweet fruit is similar in nutritional composition to
human Mother's milk. (Ask a real nutritionist if milk and fruit
are nutritionally similar, and you will be told the claim is

That's not the point. I HAVE presented data proving that a similarity
exists, therefore in order to refute my claim you/they have to rubbish my
data or method, but you don't, so my claim stands. This is how real science
is done.

How many babies have to die before these arrogant,
hateful morons stop their false claims?

I am not a arrogant hateful moron making false claims. Have a look in the
mirror next time you want to see someone like that.

I hope you share my opinion that Coleman and Forti and everyone
else who has promoted similar false claims are at least partially
responsible for the deaths of these innocent children.

These kids died because their mothers were unable to accept compromise. This
is their own error. However, if we lived in a society where the cooked
animal product of baby milk formula were not available, then other women
might be able to have fed these unfortunate kids real breast milk.

In my first audio tape published in 1998, I state specifically:

"Children should really be breast fed for 7 years in order to develop strong
bodies, full jaws, a full set of teeth and effective immune systems. That's
how they usually do it in developing nations, that's how we did it for
millions of years."

In my later article "The Obligate Fruigivore" comparing fruit and breas milk
I state clearly:

"These results seem to support the suggestion that human milk and a variety
of fruits have statistically similar nutrient proportions. This in no way
indicates that they are a suitable replacement for each other or that any
particular fruit is an ideal food on its own."


John Coleman

"Opinions are like assholes - everyone has one"
Dirty Harry

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