Tea (rec.drink.tea) Discussion relating to tea, the world's second most consumed beverage (after water), made by infusing or boiling the leaves of the tea plant (C. sinensis or close relatives) in water.

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Default Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony, (䒃).

a tea ceremony, Wu-Wo, () is a style of Tea Ceremony,
(). it is more formal than a gathering or party.
"""Grand Master Tsai, Rong Tsang is diretcor of gLu-Yu Tea
The Fine Arts of Tea Culture Instituteh and the founder of
the gWu-Wo Tea Ceremonyh he has been a crucial part in the
growth of this once small group from Taiwan (twenty-some
years ago)""". gWuh, and gWoh, are Chinese words,
philosophical meaning. samarkand said, wuwo meant
selflessnes, i like that, it is simple but it is correct.
some people say noself but it is hard to understand the
meaning of no-self if one has no clue to begin with.
some people forget that tea has its roots in china. the
first ritualized drinking of tea lies in china, . while
the drinking of tea was considered to be a common feature
in the lives of chinese buddhist monks, chinese tea is
considered to be primarily a secular ritual that confirmed
the feeling of community important, but the chinese ritual
can be said to represent the preliminary stage in the
total evolution of the japanese tea ceremony. the reason
today we dont see the ancient chinese tea ceremonies now,
are for two big reasons, colonialism, cultural
revolution. but in taiwan today, they are seeking their
roots, and reinventing some of the past, and seeking
cultural identity. we are in the process of
writing/translation the wu-wo tea ceremony book, it will
be in english. i am going to wuyishan also,
here is a summery on the wu-wo tea ceremony.
i just got back to USA we are going to do a small wu-wo
tea ceremony this month i will post pics. this will be a
first timer wu-wo tea ceremony for los angeles just a
local group. i dont know all the details myself, i have
been busy doing other things, some one said "sounds like
a society (instead of ceremony), i have heard before in
another group said "they are skeptical of new ceremonies
popping up". i agree to both. the problem with the
ceremony/society/gathering/association, is translation and
tradition. meaning words when translated, are translated
literally or figuratively. sometimes a big headache!

The Wu Wo tea ceremony

This is a style of tea ceremony where drinkers bring their
own tea sets and sit in a circle. When the ceremony
starts, everyone makes tea using the tea leaves he has
brought.. If 4 cups of tea are required, three of the cups
will be served to the three poeple on your left and the
last cup will be reserved for yourself . when the tea has
been drunk, a second infusion will follow. After
completing the required number of infusions, gather your
own cups and pack up your tea sets. It has come to an end.

This is a ceremony where everyone makes serves and drinks
tea. as seating is decided by a random draw. no one knows
beforehand who he will serve tea to or whose tea he will
be served. This tea ceremony has 7 principles.

1. here is no distinction of social rank

2. There are no expectations of a reward

3. Keep an open mind

4. Adopt a postiive attitude, striving constantly to

5. Abide by the rules and the arranged scehdule.

6. Cultivate cooperation

7. There is no differences in sect or region.
Late arrivals are strictly not tolerated.
Wu Wo literally translated means Without self. it is a
Buddhist concept, where one who reaches nirvana will not
exist in the physical plane anymore.
take care.

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