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Tara Banfield 24-06-2006 06:25 PM

Sour, sour sour sourdough

Howdy --

Being alarmed by long threads, I didn't even peek at the 'crazy question'
thread till now (I have a teeny bit of free time!), so did not put in my 2
cents when the sour-search was going on, but here they are...

In one of my injera experiments, I took some batter that was originally
destined for injera and added flour to make bread. Holy acid burn, Batman!
It was lovely.

I started the project with 2 cups flour (anything works so far; I used whole
wheat) and 2 cups of water, plus 1/4 c. starter. This made a fairly firm
dough, which I squished around for awhile (sort of like kneading, only
lazier). Covered the glass bowl with plastic and left it overnight in the
oven (hiked to about 85 and then turned off).
Next step was to put the dough in the KitchenAid with the regular paddle
(not the dough hook), take a cup of warm water and slowly add it to the
dough till it turned into a thick batter (I saved the last part of the water
for a bit). After 20 minutes of mixing, the rest of the water went in to
make a really soupy batter. Back into the glass bowl for another 12 hours,
this time trying to keep the oven at 85-ish.

After the solids settled out, I poured the extra water off, but instead of
doing the injera thing, I fed it a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of oil,
and flour (white & whole wheat) to my favorite dough consistency (not too
stiff but not gooey-soft) and let it rise in a pan. Baked at 400 and ate.
Almost too sour. I'm going to try it as a baguette and see if I can make
sourdough chips by slicing it really thin and slow-baking (drying, really).
But I've used up all my free time right now! Argh!


Tara Banfield 25-06-2006 12:45 AM

Sour, sour sour sourdough

"Tara Banfield" wrote in message
I started the project with 2 cups flour (anything works so far; I used

wheat) and 2 cups of water

Whupz, no -- that should have been ONE cup of water. Two cups is what I use
to that same amount of white flour for my starter. Brain fart.


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