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Default new orleans hand grenade drink recipe/ turtle drink

Can somebody please tell me how to properly make either the hand grenade drink from tropical isle or the turtle drink from turtle bay since both are the same? I am not trying to do anything commercial with it nor am I trying to spread it on the internet. I am trying to find it to enjoy this drink in the privacy of my own home and until I get it I will continue to post on a daily basis what I know all over the internet. I will be more than happy with either version, the one using the grenade mix (it is this commercial mix that holds the trademark which tropical isle uses) or the original hand grenade mix version (which turtle bay (operated by ex-tropical isle employees)is using and is not trademarked by tropical isle because the trademark was moved to their commercial mix however, both are the same thing). Please if you can help send recipe to handgrenaderecipe at yahoo. I would prefer it not be posted that way I can see and get it before or just in case it gets deleted from a posting reply. Please feel free to create a fake email to send recipe, although you do have my word ALL information will remain anonymous and private

Drink Info

1- I know when they are really busy they (tropical isle) make it in a jug and sell it out of a window. On a website it said when they make it (they double this recipe to make more) they use 1 gallon of their grenade mix, I believe 5 cups of water,3 liters vodka, 3 liters (not sure but think triple sec ,(brand finest call). This is the ingredient I need help with), 2 liters everclear, The water can be adjusted to taste

2- For full strength drink they add an additional 2.5-3oz (thinking 3oz) of liquor prior to dispensing drink THIS IS NOT DONE ON WEEKENDS

3- The additional 2.5-3oz added contains rum (rum and everclear mix) this could possibly have simple syrup added to it (tropical itch alcohol mix)

4- Weekend version has 4 oz of alcohol and is a mixture of vodka, everclear, and Believe triple sec (finest call)

5- Tropical isles Grenade mix is a mixture of pineapple juice (kind dispensed from bars in bag in box) melon flavoring (assuming honey dew melon snow ball syrup) and some kind of lime (possibly lime snow ball syrup as well) original recipe (the one used by turtle bay) is probably made the same except instead of lime syrup they might use lime crystals (lasco, ready rabbit, etc…) not sure. Although they could use lime syrup and maybe even use a daiquiri base mix. All syrup mixes come from national fruit flavor company (above listed syrups can be found on the national fruit flavor website as well) (national fruit flavor does not sell to individuals but you can buy through their distributors)

6- to make their shark attack drink is 3 full 1 oz shot galss (they pour generous) so its about 3.5 oz vodka, 1 oz sour mix, 1 oz lemon lime soda, and 1 oz grenadine

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