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anita 15-01-2004 07:44 AM

Finally found a good alternative for freezer containers! CPET containers
My problem was that freezer containers like ziploc and ziploc freezer
bags have too much of a strong inorganic smell.

So I did a lot of reading on the net today and here is my summary if
anyone is interested. It also has an ulterior motive because if ppl go
out and buy these things then there is a higher chance of it being on
my supermarket shelf. :)

1. Ziplock freezer bags-, claim on the website that is made of
polyethylene. While is a chemically-stable, highly flexible plastic
available in either transparent or translucent, ziploc has additives
which are not clearly specified. I can vouch for the fact that the
bags are emanating SOMETHING smelly. cant be good. recycling number #4
Watch out for additives. One souce cited butylated hydroxytoluene as
an additive in ziploc bags, I wish I knew what the smell was...ziploc
is so convenient.

2. CPET containers that are dual-ovenable ie., go from freezer to
microwave to conventional oven!!! And are very inert as these plastic
thingies go and has NO plasticizers. Glad Ovenware and Reynolds
Pot-Lux are made from this resin brand "Versatray" which is CPET.
It is stable from -40C - +220 C, note it is 220 degree CENTIGRADE!
since I dont intend to use it in the oven it doesnt matter to me, but
its good to know that this thing is stable at high temperatures

Here is a link-
about plastics...


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