Historic (rec.food.historic) Discussing and discovering how food was made and prepared way back when--From ancient times down until (& possibly including or even going slightly beyond) the times when industrial revolution began to change our lives.

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On Fri, 06 Feb 2004 13:41:00 -0500, Bob wrote:

But more importantly, he learned nothing from the discusssion as he
chose to speculate only about BMI and not any of the other risk measures

Unfortunately and typically, that goes without saying, Nigel. Chung's
normal modus operandi is to do exactly that. He never concedes a point
unless he's hopelessly, irretrievably, unarguably demonstrated to be
in error. Even then, he dissembles and distorts the information. It's
a sad fact that Chung is as rigid in his pronouncements about
"science" and everything else as he is in his "religion."

Chung *must* be right and correct in every particular, and any
disagreement is met with attacks, dismissal on irrelevant points,
scorn, "misunderstandings," and the ushering in of one or more of his
sockpuppets to ratchet up the intensity and malice of the attack. His
foolish picking at Matti about his work is a perfect example. When
Chung can't refute or even offer supported information to counter what
Matti posts, he does what he says he doesn't do. He makes an ad
hominem attack on Matti. Chung is a fraud about how he acts and his
characterization of his own actions.

Chung doesn't deal with cited science from others very often, nor does
he offer many citations; he offers his "experience" instead and truly
seems to expect that to be enough to carry the discussion. It's a
constant puzzle watching him essentially do the same thing in the same
situations to the same fruitless conclusions. It brings to mind that
classic definition of insanity where a person does the same thing
repeatedly expecting a different result this time.

Terribly sad situation when he could be doing so much good. He rather
chooses a very low road while cloaking himself falsely in the tattered
garments of a Christian shown to be fallen by his own actions and
those he condones in others.

Poor Chung. And poor others who rely on him...

Lift well, Eat less, Walk fast, Live long.

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