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Old 16-03-2004, 11:48 PM
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Default Sunbeam Hot Shot Beverage Machine

Sunbeam Hot Shot Beverage Machine

This is one of my favorite small appliance products ever. I got one of
these in the 1980s and it lasted me for years and years. I gave it
away to charity and have searched for one since then ! I thought I'd
get a new one and it would look 'new' therefore better. But it was
still working perfectly when I gave it away. I only hope whoever got
it, knew how to use it and likes it as much as I did ! I can't find
another one now ! LOL

Anyway, it's been described in the other reviews but I'll add this:
Its design is very simple. You plug it in, sit it on your counter top,
lift the lid and pour in a couple mugfuls of water (there is a line to
show you how much is two cups exactly).
You close the lid, and then you push down the button in front. The
light goes on. When the light goes green (if memory serves; it's
either that or goes off but either way it's sooo simple to figure out)
the water is boiling hot. (By the way, if you are vision impaired --
you can hear the water boiling, and when the sound stops you know it
is ready. It is a gentle soothing 'steam' sound). Now, you just put
your mug or soup bowl underneath it (there is a stand/base, and the
water tank is on top of that) and push the button down.

The hot water pours out of the water tank into the soup bowl or mug.
It is that simple ! And it really does take two minutes. I've tried
boiling water in a microwave; it does not get hot enough. This really
does the trick. The water is boiling hot but not bubbling. I never
hurt myself with the temperature of this water; you will want to keep
small kids away from it though, like you would with any hot water.
There is no latch on the lid, so if they pulled it down off the
counter the water might come out and burn them.

But that isn't likely to happen, because the cord is short. Just push
it back far on the counter top. Another safety feature is, it does
shut itself off once the water is done boiling. When I ignored it, I
would have to boil it again but that's good; I'd rather re boil it
than have it totally scalding or simmering all day.

The best part is you can use Hot Shot for many things. I made instant
mashed potatoes with it, and usually just tea or hot chocolate. It is
the ideal appliance for anyone in a small living area such as a dorm
or studio apartment. It is even good to have in one's bedroom if you
share living quarters. You could have your morning coffee or tea
before facing the roommates !

If there is a downside it is that it only boils water. You can't heat
soup in it but then I like it that way ! I had a hot POT in college
and never used it after the first time. I hated cleaning old soup out
of there ! It's much easier and neater to just boil water in the Hot
SHOT and use instant soup powder in a mug.

I had the Hot Shot for a long time and it never needed cleaning
inside. But there is an easy to understand user's manual with it, that
explains how to clean it out if calcium deposits do settle in from the
water over the years. All in all I recommend this with the highest
rating. It remains one of my all time favorite small appliances for
its ease of use and for its simplicity ! I used it every day ! Also it
does not take up much room on the counter top.

Here is the link:

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Old 18-03-2004, 02:26 AM
Blair P. Houghton
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Default Sunbeam Hot Shot Beverage Machine

Tiekono wrote:
Sunbeam Hot Shot Beverage Machine

AKA "Mr. Hot Water".

"I've ****ed girls who'd burn it."

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