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Default The Idiot Proof Diet-Online Diet Menu Generator,
The idiot proof diet is an amazing diet that comes with an online diet
menu generator? Youíre probably asking well what the heck is an online
diet menu generator? The answer is simple. It is a simple to use
software program that provides the user with a calorie shifting menu
based on the userís preferences and tastes. For the idiot proof diet
to actually work, you need to follow the diet menu generator exactly
the way it spits it out. Now you may not get everything you want that
you put in, but you will definitely get a lot of foods that you enjoy.
It will consist of 4 meals a day, eating those 4 meals on an 11 day
cycle. Now the menu generator will give you a choose between 6-20
different food items of 2 different food groups in order to give you a
complete menu for 11 days. You need to choose as many different items
as possible in order to maximize your nutritional intake. Lastly when
you are done choosing your different food items, you then generate
your menu. If it spits out something you donít like, remember you can
go back at anytime and choose other food items and get a new menu

Now once you have your perfect menu it is time to go to work on your
diets for idiots program. It is an 11 cycle process, with 3 days of
rest where you can eat pretty much anything you want. During the 11
day cycle process you must follow your idiot proof diet exactly the
way it says to follow it, taking no short cuts. A great piece of
advice is DO NOT WEIGH YOURSLEF EVERYDAY, wait until the 11 day cycles
is up and then weigh yourself. Most people lose weight based on
different factors, so some people may lose more than others when on
this fat loss for idiots program. They key factor here is to work
hard, have lots of self-discipline, and just follow directions step by
step. By doing these 3 things, you can achieve the target weight loss
goal of your dreams in no time. After 11 days is up, weigh yourself
and see how much you have lost. The average person using the idiot
proof diet loses around 9 lbs every 11 day cycle. Some people may only
lose 6 pounds (which is still great!). Now after 11 days, you need to
take a 3 day break where you can eat anything you want. It is your
reward for working so hard the previous 11 days. Some people try to
skip this 3 day break, but please donít! This is where many people go
wrong and your body needs this 3 day break to adjust to this diet. I
have seen to many people fail this diet because of this. If you follow
the steps exactly the way it says, you should have no problem losing
as much weight as you want. In whatever you decide to do I wish you
the best of luck down your weight loss path. It is truly a great
feeling when you start to shed pounds and physically see the

Visit for more information.

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