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Old 12-01-2014, 12:05 PM posted to alt.food.diabetic
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Default OT New CatBook

W. Baker wrote:

Bj?rn Steensrud wrote:
: W. Baker wrote:

: As you know, I am not a cat person because of a severe allergy to
: them, but I thought this article on a new book on cat science might
: interest our
: catophiles on this list. Note it is OT and so labelled, but there are
: just so many cat peole here I thought you might enjoy readign about
: the book and arguing about it in a friendly way"-)
: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/07/sc...king.html?_r=0
: Wendy

: Thanks on behalf of all alurophiles, Wendy - the brief excerpt in the
: review only told me what I already know from having had cats for 30
: years :-) It didn't mention pedigreed cats, where humans try to persuade
: selected cats to mate. That would increase the domesticity[0] of the
: breed, but doesn't always work. I have one fertile female who has always
: refused toms of her own breed, carefully selected to minimize inbreeding
: and maximize the beauty
: of the kittens :-) :-) Time to give up and spay her, we're both getting
: too old for another litter now.

: [0] is that a word?

: Bj?rn

Domesticity usually refers to how happy doing housewifely things a
personit or used as to mean a home-like atmosphere with pleasant smell
form the kitchen and a neat, clean house beignenjoyed by a family.
Somehow to me kids and that neat clean house don't seem to go togehter too
well:-) I think the work you might want to use woul be domesticazation or
something simial. Don't ever go by my typing or spelling!!!


Thanks, Wendy! I knew I had the word from somewhere. And I misspelled cat
lover - it's ailurophile. People who are afraid of cats have ailurophobia
:-) No matter - we're both understood, at least in this group of


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